Thursday, January 20, 2011

Using Etsy Alchemy for your Wedding

I love Etsy.

It has been a wonderful source of inspiration and hand-made goodies for the wedding. Browsing through the shops has given me ideas for my own wedding DIY projects. It has also given me the option to BUY when I give up on my wedding DIY projects (sometimes it's worth the $15 to buy the mini-bunting and save my sanity and eyes from the strain of making them myself).

Alchemy is one of the coolest tools on Etsy. It's the opportunity to describe what you want, name your own price and let the vendors and crafters come to you with bids. They come back with creative ideas and great prices. Sometimes they greatly exceed your expectations.

How does it work?

1.) Come up with a hand-made goody you want, but can't find for sale already in one of Etsy's many, many shops.
2.) Go to the Etsy Alchemy site, choose public alchemy request and then add new request.
3.) Describe what you want in detail, name your price and post!
4.) Wait for the offers to roll in.
5.) Once the offers are in... and I'd give it a couple days.... close your posting and read through the responses. Decline the obvious 'Nos' and respond to possible 'Yeses' with more details and questions to clarify expectations on both sides.
6.) Accept an offer! Be prepared to pay anywhere from a small deposit to the full priced agreed upon when you accept the offer.
7.) Enjoy your new, custom-made item!

I have placed several orders through Alchemy and I will happily report back soon with the results... after the wedding ;)

For more details on using Alchemy, check out Etsy's How Alchemy Works page. 

30 Days!!

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Amy said...

I didn't know you could get things custom made on Etsy. That's so cool!