Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am getting quite antsy.

There are just 32 days until our wedding.


I have a long to-do list of last minute details that is driving me NUTS!  We have dancing lessons, final meetings with priests, caterers, photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists plus trying to maintain a workout schedule. I am trying to be as productive as possible with my evenings and weekends, while still giving myself time to relax. However, the time I spend "relaxing" is really just forcing myself to sit on the couch doing nothing wedding related, except stressing and obsessing about the fact that I am doing NOTHING wedding related.

That's it. I can no longer relax. Relaxing just causes more stress. Ugh!

Last week my Vice President asked how wedding planning was going now that "everything should be about done, right?" I explained to him that the last month is crunch time and I am VERY busy. I tried not to give him the evil eye while answering, but I may not have succeeded. Oops! I am very bad at hiding my true feelings these days. Oh well....

One nice distraction this past weekend: Our first niece born! Welcome to other world, Alexandria Rose!

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