Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bridezilla Becky's Favorite Wedding Blogs

Through my year of wedding-planning, the best resources have been my fellow bloggers. They have been a constant source of ideas, wisdom and inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites:

A Practical Wedding
Meg and her team of writers, guest bloggers and readers are an amazing community. They tackle issues beyond planning a wedding... they take a huge, fearless leap into the reality of becoming and being a wife. They discuss the complex issues of modern marriage with sage advice and a great sense of humor.

The Budget Savvy Bride
The Budget Savvy Bride
I owe a huge thank you to Jess for helping me discover my fabulous photographer through a BSWOW (Budget Savvy Wedding of the Week), to guest blogger Lesley for showing me how to use Blogger to create our wedding website.

Amazing vintage wedding inspiration from Amanda.  I drool over every bit of this blog.

Check them out, fellow brides and friends. They are worth the read, wedding planning, or not!

25 Days

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