Monday, January 31, 2011

Red and Turquoise Shoes (with a little vintage...)

I love the brightly-colored wedding shoe trend and, from the beginning, I've had my heart set on a hot pair of turquoise pumps. They ended up being almost impossible to find. After several failed internet purchases (too big, too small, too teal...) I gave up and went with red. Red shoes are classic, sexy and, most importantly, easy to find! Phew!

I found a stunning pair of towering heals at DSW for just $10 (with a $10 rewards coupon). Steal!  I added turquoise feathers and a pair of vintage earrings with a little hot glue. The earrings match the vintage bracelet I will be wearing on our wedding day.

And a close-up of the jewelry:

What do you think? I'm feeling like the turquoise feathers are a liiiiitle loud, but I kinda love them. I dunno :)

19 Day!


Jessica said...

Yay for red shoes!

Amy said...

You are amazing!

Amy said...

maybe the groom should wear red or teal Converse shoes