Friday, April 30, 2010

Mad Men/1960s Themed Wedding

I am one of the many addicted to Mad Men. I want to look like Joan and have a crazy, hot affair with Don. That's completely inappropriate to say on my own wedding blog. I know. And Matt has been forewarned! We have actually discussed a Mad Men themed wedding. So, imagine my surprise when The Wedding Chicks brought me EXACTLY the inspiration I needed: a customizable, Mad Men themed save the date. Too fabulous!

Without further ado, here is our Mad Men themed wedding inspiration board. Enjoy!

Save the Dates
From Blogger Pictures

The Dress

From wedding

This beautiful Justin Alexander gown was one of the first I tried on. And safe to post since I didn't by it, even though I loved it! Too fab for words.

The Guys

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 How HOT would Matt & his groomsman be? Yum!

The Bridesmaids
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Serve  extra dry martinis

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and Old Fashioneds
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I could use my milk glass collection and some of the I could use my milk glass collection and some of the vintage wine glasses I have from my great grandparents.  And serve deviled eggs, anything wrapped in puffed pastry, celery with cream cheese and, Matt's favorite, pickle rolls!  Everything served with toothpicks, of course! Love, love love!

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Amy said...

Don't forget the salmon mousse (in the shape of a fish, of course!) and jello mold, or maybe an aspic with mysterious things floating in it.