Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've Been Challenged!

The lovely Grace Hester has started a new game and asked to learn more about me in 140-characters or less.  Here is Grace's 'About Me' that kicked it all off:

As a twitter-lover myself (follow me!), I gladly accepted! It took several edits to decide which of my the many words you can use to describe me made the character-limit. Clearly I could go on about myself for days... ;)

For more inspiration check out Busy Girl's About Me in 140-characters or less, make your own and share the link!


grace hester said...

Thanks for playing Becky! Wannabe hippie?? Really? Never would have known!

And . . . .I think I know someone who has campy humor. So I think you might be a match-made-in-heaven. *haha*

nicole said...

campy humor, love it!