Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amanda's Wedding and one of my favorite venders: The Flowerman

This past Saturday was my cousin Amanda’s wedding. Amanda is also one of my best friends and it’s been so fun being engaged and wedding planning together. Several months ago I talked Amanda into meeting with the Flowerman, a well-known florist in Dayton, Ohio that had recently opened an office here in Columbus. The Flowerman is unique because it offers various version of “do-it-yourself” wedding packages. You can arrange as much or as little of your flowers yourself with the help of a few friends. The more you DIY, the more money you save! And, of course, they provide the flowers, space, supplies and a fabulous instructor to teach you as you go. Amanda will be the first to tell you that she is not a crafty person, she leaves that to me, but she did let me drag her right into this one and I am so happy she did!

Amanda chose to have the Flowerman make her bridal bouquet and we tackled boutonnieres, corsages and bridesmaid bouquets ourselves. It took us a little over two hours to make everything and I think they turned out quite beautiful! Of course we had Melissa from the Flowerman walking us through each step and she did a fabulous job!

The most important lesson we learned is to re-cut the stem each time a flower is removed from water for more than a few seconds. A fresh cut, usually at an angle, reopens veins that can quickly close. And be sure to put the freshly cut flower right back into water after the cut. If you plan to DIY your flowers, be sure to keep that in mind!

Photos courtesy of me!

I just put a deposit down with the Flowerman for my own wedding and I am so excited to play with more flowers! And now I have a well-trained group of volunteers, right? Hopefully I can talk them into doing it one more time for me!

Are any of you ladies considering DIY-ing your flowers?

The Flowerman did not provide me with any free or discounted services or products for this review. It’s just my honest opinion of one of my favorite wedding vendors. They rock!

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