Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm in a Wedding Rut!

Help! I'm sure the few of you reading this blog have noticed that the posts have been few and far between of late. There are a few reasons (coughexcusescough). The first being that I have been insanely busy at work. Ugh! Isn't that always my excuse? The second being that the few blogs I've written have been guest blogs over at The Budget Savvy Bride. Check them out! The final, and probably true, reason is that I am in a Wedding Rut.


I've finished the Big Things. We have the places and times, photographer, dj, flowers, bridesmaids dresses and my wedding dress. Now is when I take the scary leap from the Big Things to the details and the details scare me. I'm collecting items for centerpieces, but the process is slow mostly because I am picky and have a difficult time committing to something. The list of little things feels daunting: guest book, registering, jewelry, hair pieces, shoes, ties, table numbers, favors, photo booth.... the list is epically long! We are closing in on four months and I am already overwhelmed!

So, today I am off work to help my cousin before her wedding this Saturday (congrats, Amanda!!). And after Saturday I am starting a real "to do" list with due dates and deadlines. And a workout plan because somehow I am dieting and STILL gaining weight. Ugh.

Let's hope I find some renewed enthusiasm and energy soon!

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Amy said...

Maybe the next post could be about cakes and desserts? :)