Friday, July 16, 2010

There are only seven months and three days to go until our wedding. It sounds like an eternity, but I also said that with eights months to go and I have very little to show for the past month! So, I have officially started a countdown with a coordinating to do list. I hope it will be a great motivation to keep checking things off. I've been letting too much slide and it's time to get a move on!

Now that the girls are (mostly!) dressed, it's time to focus on the boys! Matt was pushing for a classic tux, perhaps something like this: Yum.

Men's Warehouse

But then he actually had to fork over the money to RENT one for a wedding he was in. Ouch! I don't think he had a clue how expensive renting can be. Which means I have won him over to my idea: finding suits for the groomsmen to buy. Woohoo! It'll be something quite simple and sexy.

Men's Warehouse

But even more fun, are the accessories. As you may remember the girls are in this:

turquoise necklace included, black shoes.

So for the guys, I'm thinking a funky red and turquoise tie would be perfect with the dresses and black suits.

Tie Drake

Toybreaker at

Toybreaker at

I can't wait to show these to Matt.  What do you think - number one, two or three?


nicole said...

Our groomsmen bought their suits and were ever thankful that we let them instead of renting. We got ours from Macy's, they were only $200 each! Plus you can always scout out 20% coupons for there!

I think ours are Alfani RED - black tonal stripe.

I loveeee that second tie, it would look perfect with the BM dresses!

Amy said...

I like the 3rd tie, but the 2nd is nice, too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 'bout the tux price. :(

I asked Jon if he wanted to buy a suit instead, and he wanted the tux. I love the look of a suit at a wedding, though, and I think it will be lovely!

Becky said...

Jessica, your wedding was lovely and the guys looked great! I know Matt was honored to be in your wedding and the price of the tux was no problem at all. I think he (like more men) was just clueless about the cost of all things wedding related. Actually, I'm glad you gave him the opportunity to wear a tux since I'm denying him the privilege at our own wedding, lol.

Grace Hester Designs said...

I like the 3rd one but if Matt is not too sure about the floral print, the 1st one is really sharp too!

Elizabeth said...

The first hurts my eyes. The secon and third are both nice although very floral and not very manly. It just depends on which color you want to bring out and focus on: turqoise or poppy seed.

Anonymous said...

The first tie is a bit too stripy eye hurty but the second floral is the bomb! I think any guy in a suit is dressed manly enough to handle a floral tie- especially such an "arty" one!

No i want to know- where are the bridesmaid dresses from- it is exactly the style (and colr) I want to wear to a wedding i am going to soon! help! thanks!
let me know at javajiver@!

Becky said...

The dress was from Steinmart and we purchased them in summer 2010 so I doubt they still have them in stock :( I don't know the designer, but I could ask one of my bridesmaids to check their tag if you'd like. Let me know!