Friday, July 23, 2010

Picaboo Photobook Deal

I am addicted to Groupon. This amazing discount site posts "daily deals" for local businesses in your own city (check here to see if you're city is on it). I've bought mani/pedis, ballroom dancing classes, bike tune-ups and car details all at a fraction of the price. It's a great opportunity for local businesses to introduce their product to a new audience and for me to SAVE MONEY!

Today's groupon is not limited by geography and it's EXACTLY what I need! The coupon is $25 for $100 worth of photobooks from Picaboo! I plan to use a photobook of our engagement pictures for our guest book (leave blank space around the pictures for guests to sign).

And how much fun would a photobook of your honeymoon pictures be?

Check out today's deal and register for Groupn here.



The Friendly Skies said...

Awesome deal! I looooove Groupon however I will soon have to change cities. (lucky for me Detroit has it too)

That seems like a pretty good deal. I would love to hear how Picaboo books turn out. I used Blurb for my China book and was pretty happy with it but that discount looks pretty nice!

Anonymous said...

I used Blurb as well, but I'm sure Picaboo works just as well.

I thought I would mention that our guestbook was a pretty in-depth thing. We included pictures and stories from when we were both young, pictures and stories from the course of our relationship, and our engagement pictures. That took up about 50 pages. We left some blank pages and encouraged people to sign wherever they wanted. A lot of people signed with their pictures, if there were pictures of them in the book.

Then, after the wedding, we made a wedding album and included the guestbook with it. Now we have a 130-page book that covers us from birth to our wedding day (and we would have included the honeymoon if we'd remembered to take any pictures). We ordered copies of that for the parents as well. So now we have the guestbook with signatures, and the wedding album with everything except signatures. We love both.

Anyway, just some thoughts to help you plan.

Josh said...

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