Friday, May 14, 2010

Flowers into Belts and Hair Ties

As promised, here are instructions for the belt and hair tie I created with 2 of the silk flowers.

I added a little bit of lace to one and then attached it to a ribbon to create a belt.

As you can see, I bought two metal D-shaped rings and sewed them to the ribbon with my sewing machine. Then I hot glued the flower to the front of the sewn end.

To create a hair tie like this:

I hot glued the flower to the metal clasp on an elastic hair tie and then hot glued a small square of felt to the back, over the metal clasp.

They were so easy! I gave both to a girlfriend for her birthday and she loved them! At least she said she did :) Don't forget to enter to win the third flower. I can make it into a pin or hair clip. Or a belt or hair tie if you'd prefer.


Amy said...

Those are so cute! Very creative.

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Adorable !!!!