Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Stab: Decorative Flowers

The first time I tried on a veil I had a minor panic attack. I am slightly claustrophobic and the full, chapel-length veil they put on me was quite heavy. I'm leaning toward a beautiful floral hair-piece instead. It may include a little bit of netting, perhaps a small bird-cage bit of veil, but the jury is still out.

After finding several DIY tutorials on how to make silk flower accessories, I decided to try my own.

Step 1: Purchase a variety of silk flowers and beads. I found flowers at Michael's and the Dollar Store. Michael's had a better variety, but the Dollar Store flowers worked just as well and were much less expensive! I chose a variety of pearls and crystals from Michael's.

Step 2: select one flower and take it apart. The plastic center and back should come off easily releasing the flower petals. You can throw out the plastic pieces, they won't be used

Step 3: Lay out petals and begin layering. I staggered the petals to create depth, but they can be arranged in any way that you like best!

4: Select the beads you want to use and sew them and the flowers together.

The Final Result!!

I liked it so much that I made a few more:

I am going to turn these first attempts into accessories. The first two I am giving to a good friend for her birthday. I turned one into a ribbon belt and the other into a hair tie. Those tutorials will come tomorrow! Also, I'll be giving away one of my flower creations to a follower sometime this week, so stay tuned!

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