Monday, February 7, 2011

Real Bridezilla Moment

What a Monday! I am enjoying a day off of work to work on wedding projects after a FABULOUS Bachelorette Party Weekend with all my besties. I had a few errands to run so I went to the mall with my future mother-in-law. We decided to check Men's Wearhouse to make sure the groomsmen were all sized.

Here's the problem. My fiance stopped in to check on things two weeks ago and then had our order totally wrong.  Wrong vests, wrong ties on every member of the wedding party. So he corrected them.... or so we thought!

When I went in today, they were STILL wrong! So I was working with one of their employees to fix our order when his co-worker came in. The co-worker remembered taking the corrections from my fiance, and he started arguing with me that they were done correctly, when I was just told that they weren't. He kept arguing as I walked out the door, so I turned around and yelled at him... It wasn't one of my finest moments. It was 100% real bridezilla. 

It left me feeling mean and pretty crappy. I've prided myself on being level-headed and rational. I don't think I've had any really blow-ups or meltdowns. Thank you, Men's Wearhouse, for bringing on my first.

Also, which of these vests do you think is turquoise?

Men's Wearhouse considers the top vest to be turquoise. The bottom is pool. Our official colors are red and turquoise, but I am definitely going with the bottom vest. Hopefully they don't up-charge me for the last minute change, cause that one was all me!

12 Days!


joe said...

As a trained art historian, I think I can safely weigh in here. The latter vest is totally more turquoise. Granted, monitors all have different color settings and I'd have to see them in person, but I'm pretty sure you're justified in insisting on the second one.
Can't wait!

Becky said...

You will see them in person in a week! I will be proven correct!!