Friday, January 22, 2010

My fiance and I officially in planning mode. We've visiting 3 possible wedding locations here in Columbus, Ohio. Here's what we have so far:

Northbank Pavilion, owned and operated by Columbus Department of Recreation. The space is absolutely beautiful, sitting right on the Scioto River, just north of downtown, with skyline view and an urban feel. You can bring your own alcohol and use any caterer you wish - what I luxury! The downsides are the size (only 100 can fit comfortably), the lack of parking and the reservation system. Due to demand, the city draws a name from all interested parties exactly 1 year prior to the date of your event. In other words, you better have a backup!

The Old Gahanna Sanctuary, an old church that was rehabbed and is maintained by Gahanna residents. The upsides include having the space to yourself the entire day of your wedding and no restrictions on alcohol or caterers. The downsides? The space still needs a bit of polish. It would take more than a bit of decorating to hide it's flaws.

The Venue at Smith Brothers is my favorite by far. It's an industrial factory turned beautiful event space with exposed brick and a city skyline view. It's moderately priced and they allow you to bring your own alcohol. Yippee! The venue is getting quite popular though and the owner/executive chef recommended we book within the next few weeks for our September 2011 date. Yikes! I was planning on a leisurely winter of researching. No such luck!

I expected finding a venue to be difficulty. We are on a very tight budget and I have a reputation for expensive taste. However, the greatest challenge has been finding something that fits our style. I am not a country club kind of girl. I don't get turned on by gorgeous wedding cakes or giant martini glasses overflowing with flowers. The options for those who are looking for something non-traditional are few and hard to find.

Planning this wedding is sure to be a challenge!

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