Monday, December 28, 2009

The Bridezilla to Be: Becky

In October of last year I joined a popular dating site for fun - the fun of meeting new people, finding new places and enjoying free drinks and occasional meals. I had been on dating sites before, never with any serious intentions, always to casually observe what was out there, try a few new styles on for size and take notes for a day - far, far away - when I would make one style permanent. I was notoriously without a "type," dating shockingly different men, often quirky and unique in the best of ways (or so I believe, my friends have quite different opinions on them). Imagine my surprise when I fell hard for the second guy I went out with - the second guy who happened to be quite the opposite of my pieced together ideal. And this guy - this conservative, suburb living, fashion challenged, goofy as can be guy - has become the center of my world.  One month ago he asked me to marry him and, after only 1 short but wonderful year of dating, I said YES to a beautiful vintage ring and a  wonderful man who treats me like a princess.

This blog will chronicle my attempts to plan my dream wedding - on the tiniest of shoe-string budgets. I hope to finagle a few freebies, make as much of it myself as possible and create an unique day to remember (that looks like I spent more than I did!).

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