Friday, November 12, 2010

99 Days

We are officially in the double-digit count down. The "to-do" list is long and growing. And with the swiftly approaching holiday season, I am feeling more than just a little overwhelmed. Still, I am doing my best to work through it, crossing things off as I go, making compromises to get things done and trying not to feel guilty when I sit on the couch, take a huge sign of relief and allow myself the pleasure of doing NOTHING wedding related for an evening.

In the past week we checked off the groomsmen attire. My vision of suits and kitschy ties was thrown out by logistical issues. The ease of a tux rental was just too appealing. I am disappointed, but realistic. It had to be done.

We have also increased our guest list by over 25 people. I now have to adjust the number of tables, centerpieces, invitations & programs. I'm glad I have procrastinated so long on all of these projects. It will make adjusting the numbers easier.The increase in budget is a little frightening, but I'm trying not to think about it. Long ago I took the advice of a bride featured on A Practical Wedding and focused on making our day the our "first act of hospitality as a married couple." Hospitality means being gracious, right? And so, gracious I will be as we increase the number of everything....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Glove Swap? Sign Me Up!

I just signed up for the Cold Hands, Warm Heart glove swap, thanks to Busy Girl Nicole who clued me in! If you're a blogger who LOVES cute winter accessories and making new friends, head on over to Sandy a la mode to sign up!